Dentistry Made Better

Dentistry and dental procedures continue to evolve with new materials, equipment, and techniques. Modern dentistry is designed to reduce patient discomfort that many people fear, preventing them from getting regular checkups or having simple dental work completed.

Today, there are many dental procedures that can repair tooth damage, prevent tooth decay, and correct tooth abnormalities. Besides the basic tooth fillings, crowns, xrays, braces, and dentures, there are also procedures such as digital x-rays, dental implants, sealants, periodontal surgery, inlays, fluoride treatments, and much more.

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Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays in use today are safer than traditional x-rays used in the past. Digital x-rays can use up to 90% less radiation and provide a better quality picture of teeth with zoom capabilities to give dentists a better picture of the condition of each tooth. Digital x-rays are fast and results are immediately available on a computer screen.

Lasers in Dentistry

New advances in dental care include the use of lasers. A laser instrument with diode technology can be used to detect cavities much sooner than traditional examination methods. Other advances include better filling materials, thinner veneers, titanium tooth implants, computer-assisted technologies, intraoral cameras, and more.

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For more information about new advances in dental procedures, contact your dentist. For new inquiries in the Glendora, New Jersey area, contact Dr. Bruce Kerensky at Smiles by Design. Dr. Kerensky has over 30 years experience in dentistry and practices modern dental techniques. The glendora dental center is available to answer your questions.